Counselling is...

A conversation with a trained counsellor who is committed to being alongside you. The counsellor will not tell you what to do, but through your time together will help you unpick things and make the right decisions for yourself.

Sometimes counselling can be quite quick, at other times it can feel slow and

hard. This means that the quality of the person alongside you is all important. There are many different forms of counselling. Research shows that many of them can be effective, but it also shows that the most significant factor in a successful outcome is the quality of the relationship between counsellor and client.

At PGCS we are committed to the ‘Person Centred Approach’, this is also known as ‘Rogerian’ or ‘Client Centred Therapy’ and is based on the work of Carl Rogers. This Approach has at its core the relationship between client and therapist, it also recognises that the client has within them all that is necessary to make the best decisions for themselves. So we begin a journey together, from where you are now to a different place. We are skilled in being with you in that life enhancing process.

Within the Counselling Team we have people trained in many different counselling approaches, but the thing that underpins all of our work is our commitment to that special quality of relationship that the Person Centred Approach brings. Matching you to the most appropriate therapist is an important part of making the whole process work well.

If you'd like to read more about our approach to therapy and the 'Person-Centred' please click HERE.

Individual Counselling

When you first make contact with us you will be offered an initial appointment (IA). The IA takes the form of an extended telephone conversation and there is no charge for this. This is sometimes possible immediately, at other times we will offer you one within a day or two. This conversation, which will be with a senior therapist, allows us to get a sense of you and the issues which have brought you to counselling. You will then be allocated to an appropriate counsellor. We’ve a large team of counsellors so have a broad range to match you with.

By coming to PGCS you are not coming to something which is ‘second best’; indeed many of our clients come because they have heard of our reputation and choose to come to PGCS and pay a commercial rate. This allows us to offer a service to almost all who come.

You then usually have a weekly session of an hour a week with the same counsellor / therapist. If you can’t make the same time every week (for example because you are on shift work), we can still help you through on-line working with those therapists that can offer more flexible working.

Couples Counselling

In addition to one-to-one counselling we are able to offer couples counselling. A 'couple' can be any two people, not necessarily a conventional partnership, so would include, for example a mother and daughter.

About a third of our counsellors are experienced at working with couples.

Counselling in the Workplace

The work place can be a challenging and demanding place. It can become an environment that is unproductive and damagingly stressful when individuals don’t receive necessary levels of personal support.

We are experienced in offering counselling / support services to employees or organisations, either to deal with a particular issue, or for routine External Supervision to provide longer term support.