More about Palace Gate Counselling Service

We are a group of professional counsellors who believe that everyone should have access to high quality counselling irrespective of someones ability to pay. Everyone within the organisation gives some of their time absolutely free.

We believe passionately that 'voluntary' should never equate to 'amateur'. We are probably the largest counselling service in the area yet we don't have a single employee! This means we can provide a first class service at an affordable amount. The service you will be provided with will be second to none and not a second best.

Too often 'low cost' counselling services can be well meaning but provide only a basic service essentially provided using trainee counsellors. At PGCS we only have a small number of our large counselling team who are in the final phase of their counselling training. This means that the majority are fully trained to Diploma level. A lot have been with us for many years.

The Phoenix

The Phoenix is a mythical bird which rises from the fire with renewed youth to live again. Many people who have felt their lives to be in ashes have found that counselling helps them rise from those ashes and live again and so we chose the name of Phoenix for the not for profit company that operates the counselling service.

We think PGCS is a very special place, quite unique in this area. You will find a rare approach and ethos in this service. If you'd like to know more about our 'ethos, please click here.


Our main centre is Palace Gate Counselling Service in central Exeter. It is close to the the Catherdral in Palace Gate. Palace Gate links the part of South Street near the White Hart Hotel with the corner of the Cathedral Close.

We have a number of Associate counsellors who work from home or other centres, to provide more flexibility than is sometimes possible at the main centre.

There is a ‘sister’ organisation in Taunton (Taunton Counselling Service (TCS)). This is completely independent of PGCS but is run on similar lines. For more information about TCS click here.